French identity thief returned to Greenwich Police custody

BarryBA notorious identity thief is in state custody on a Greenwich Police warrant for a variety of financial crimes. French national Barry Boubacar, 32, of West Hampstead, NY, is now facing charges stemming from a missed court date earlier this year for a number of financial crimes in Greenwich. However, the charge might be his lucky break — its the only thing standing between Boubacar and deportation.

Boubacar had been running an extensive identity and financial crime operation spreading throughout the northeast as early as 2009, first coming to authorities’ attention following an arrest in Natick, Mass. that year. Since then, his actions had been investigated by the Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force, which counts a Greenwich detective among its numbers. In February 2013, the suspect was transported from Lackawanna County prison in Scranton, PA into Greenwich custody after officers discovered a warrant charging him with six counts of second-degree larceny, eight counts of illegal credit card use, identity theft and trafficking in personal identity information.

Boubacar fled and was not rearrested until later this year. Held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer by the US Department of Homeland Security, he was transferred into state custody on Dec. 17 on the Greenwich charges. Boubacar’s bond is set at $5,000 and a court date at Superior Court in Stamford for Dec. 24. Upon the adjudication of the Greenwich charges, Boubacar will be returned to federal custody.

Justin Pottle