Luc Hardy jumps from New Guinea to Uganda’s Mountains on the Moon

Last November we reported on the extraordinary trek Cos Cob-based adventurer, explorer, and environmental advocate Luc Hardy took to the Stone Age tribal territory of West Papua, New Guinea.  He’s now at again this time climbing the Mountains on the Moon as Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains are called. The two-week trip again has an environmental agenda. Hardy’s trips are sponsored by Pax Arctica, an organization he founded that promotes awareness of the impact of climate change on arctic regions. “What is happening in the RwenzoriMountains,” says Hardy, “sheds light on the challenges we are facing globally from climate change and the world water crisis. Human-kind’s inability to contain climate change, and its negative consequences, can be visibly seen in this part of Uganda. The shrinking of this unique African (Margherita) glacier, along with the obvious loss on sustainable water supplies, pose major threats to local communities.” To obtain the most superior view of the glacier Hardy and his small party are plotting to make history by sending out a drone from a height over 4500 meters to obtain photos and video footage of  the Margherita glacier. “We’ve been told that using a drone at this altitude and above these glaciers will be a world’s first,” says Hardy, as apparently no one has attempted to do this before. To follow along Hardy’s expedition sign on for his Pax Arctica Blog at Hardy