Polish Club fight ends in arrest of Stamford men

A fight outside a birthday party at the Glenville Polish Club ended in the arrest of two Stamford men after they brandished a baseball bat at their adversaries and fled the scene. Roommates Ruben Gonclaves, 26, and Moreno Rodrigues, 30, of Stamford, are facing charges for second-degree breach of peace and threatening following the altercation.

At approximately 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning, Greenwich Police responded to reports of an alleged fight involving several parties outside of the Polish Club on 30 Greenway Drive. A man who had attempted to break up the fight was allegedly cut with a sharp object — likely a knife or broken bottle — prior to police arrival. Two of the fighters, Gonclaves and Rodrigues, both invited guests, broke off and grabbed an aluminum baseball bat from their vehicle. After threatening the other fighters, they drove off, only to be found by police shortly thereafter.

The aluminum baseball bat was plainly visible in the  backseat of the pair’s car. Both we arrested, but released on a promise to appear for a Feb. 18 appearance at Superior Court in Stamford.

Justin Pottle