Police investigating Sunday night Byram robbery

Greenwich Police are searching for the man behind a suspected armed robbery along a residential stretch of Hamilton Avenue in Byram Sunday night. Investigators  believe that the victim had been directly targeted by the suspect, with whom he was acquainted, but are offering little in the way of details.

According to police, near 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening, the male suspect approached the victim along Hamilton Avenue outside a residence, though police stopped short of labeling the incident a home invasion. A weapon was allegedly shown or intimated – police declined to identify its nature – by the suspect, demanding a sum of cash from the victim and fleeing.

No injuries were reported in the incident, but police said there was an “element of violence” to the act.

Police are now saying that they have identified a suspect, who they believe had deliberately sought out his victim.

“The victim knew the suspect,” said Captain Robert Berry. “This was not a random act.”

Investigators said complicating the matter was the involvement of juveniles in the case, though they would not confirm whether the victim or suspect had been a minor.

Police remain optimistic the connection between suspect and victim will help kick start the investigation. But there’s still much that remains unknown,” said Berry.

“We absolutely have a lead,” he said, “but this could go in a couple different directions.”

Justin Pottle