Teenager arrested for false statements in March 2 robbery


The crime was salacious: a Greenwich juvenile walking along a Central Greenwich stretch of Hamilton Avenue, approached by four young men. One pulls out a handgun. Nine hundred dollars in cash stolen in a chance encounter.

Such were the details given by Joshua Delgado, 18, of 40 Wilbur Peck Court, in the immediate aftermath of the crime, as he recounted the ordeal to police investigators.

But not everything is as it seems, said Greenwich Police, who have now arrested Delgado on charges of second-degree false statement.

“We are continuing to investigate,” said Lt. Kraig Gray, “but we do know at the very least the crime didn’t occur necessarily as it was reported.”

According to police, the victims had initially reported being outside a home at 72 Hamilton Avenue when they were jumped by the armed men, who flashed a weapon, demanded cash and fled. Delgado provided a written statement to police giving his account of the incident, describing the incident as a chance encounter.

However, the police investigation determined that the victim (or potential victims) had been targeted specifically by the suspects and that the incident had occurred not outside as Delgado had reported, but inside a basement apartment at the location. Police said they believed Delgado could have been among the victims.

“During the investigation, the victim told us a set of facts which were false,” said Gray. “They put it on paper and swore to the facts, but the investigation proved them to be otherwise.”

Delgado was arrested without incident the night of the investigation on March 2 and released with a promise to appear at a March 10 hearing at state Superior Court in Stamford.

The incident is still being treated as a robbery and remains under investigation, Gray said.

Justin Pottle