New York City woman busted for Sak’s shoplift

Greenwich Police have arrested a New York City woman after she attempted to shoplift $1,736 in clothing from Saks 5th Avenue on Greenwich Avenue. Alexa Stafford, 19, is now facing fourth-degree larceny charges for the attempted theft.

According to police reports, at approximately 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, a pair of Sak’s “Asset Protection Investigators” witnessed Stafford stuffing items of clothing in her purse and under her shirt. Police were dispatched to the high-end department store as Stafford began to attempt her getaway. She was stopped and detained by a Sak’s employee as she exited the store, moments before police arrived, and found a total of four stolen garments on her person.

Stafford was arrested and eventually released on $1,000 bond with a court date of April 16 at state Superior Court in Stamford

Justin Pottle