Greenwich’s Whitnum says judicial marshals attacked her

Lee WhitnumGreenwich Democrat Lee Whitnum, who is hoping to run for governor on a judicial reform plank, released a statement on her website this morning in response to her arrest last week for allegedly creating a disturbance the library of state Superior Court in Stamford.

4-29-14 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – In response to the breach of peace charge against her gubernatorial candidate Lee. Whitnum responded today: “I never tried to bite anyone. The Judicial Marshals surrounded me for some unknown reason. They told me to leave.  I said I would.  I walked 25 feet never stopping; I was almost to the door, within five feet of the door when six marshals attacked me from behind and threw me up against the wall,” said Whitnum.  “I still have no idea what I did wrong.” Whitnum is filing a civil suit against librarian Pamela Kaufman. “I have no idea what that woman told the Judicial Marshals,” said Whitnum.

You can read the article about her arrest here: Greenwich’s Whitnum charged with breach of peace

Christine Hall