Here’s a Greenwich poet’s poem for Poetry Month

There are still two days of April Poetry Month. There’s no better way to celebrate than to feature poetry created by Greenwich poets. This month Greenwich Time has been able to feature selected poems by Greenwich Pen Women members whose poems are featured in the 2013 published book: “Women’s Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences That Shape Women.”

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Following on is a poem by Valerie Stauffer titled, “Remembrance of Things Past.” If you are interested in obtaining a copy of “Women’s Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences That Shape Women,” you can call Deborah Weir at 203-203 869-0427, or email her at

Remembrance of Things Past

By Valerie Stauffer

Jumbled in the attic of my memory,

is my world of dusty yesterdays –

my friends and relations

and the splintered shards of days.


I open the album of faded russet leather,

cracked on its spine. Who

are these sallow shapes cavorting

through pages? That wedding cake couple,

molded of slick plastic dreams,

gaze toward a future

of confectionery years, a life soon dissolved

in a slurry of grief.

Flickering images from ghosts

of my shadows-heads *

with corkscrewed ringlets or show tufts

of hair, I know them so well,

but where are they now?

Nuzzling toddlers giggling

in bright arpeggios now speak

with weary obligation over phone lines

of static and stress. They called

last Christmas. Or was it my birthday?

Or perhaps nearly never?

Slithering through the ooze

of my rememberings, I dig

in ashen wastes, unearthing

festering Sorrows of years –

searching for nuggets of joy

nuggets wrapped within midnight despair.