An “Angel of Freedom” is visiting in backcountry Greenwich

In a backcountry field there’s an angel keeping company with ponies where drivers by must be doing double takes. The life-size bronze young girl-angel with wings is the work of Greenwich native and sculptor Sterett- Gittings Kelsey. Her angel is the Angel of Freedom, created upon an inspiration Kelsey had to inspire others of the needs of our veterans.

Sculptor Sterett-Gittings Kelsey's "Angel of Freedom" stands in a field of Kelsey Farm.

Sculptor Sterett-Gittings Kelsey’s “Angel of Freedom” stands in a field of Kelsey Farm.

The Angel of Freedom has in a way come home – to Kelsey Farm out on Lake Avenue, where many a Greenwich youth goes to learn how to learn how to ride horses. She has come for a visit. She was created where the sculptor Kelsey lives in Roxbury. Kelsey has high hopes for her to become the unifying emblem or insignia for America’s military heroes.

Kelsey can envision her Freedom Angel 30-feet high – a national monument – dedicated to “American and the Men and Women who protect her.” To that end Kelsey has created the non-profit Freedom Angel Foundation to realize her dream, to find ways and avenues to bring aid to the America’s vets.

Come fall the Freedom Angel, courtesy of Kelsey, will travel southwest to Dallas, Texas for an October event – “ Skyball XII” – that will honor the US Navy, Korean War Veterans, Wounded Warriors  and many living Medal of Honor Recipients.  For more information on Kelsey’s dream, email her at or visit