Know what’s legal with fireworks says the Greenwich Police

With July 4 fast approaching the Greenwich Police Department is prompting the Greenwich populace about what’s legal and not legal in the fireworks department. 

The only legal fireworks in the state of Connecticut they state on their Greenwich Police Department Facebook page are “sparklers and fountains.” And sparklers can only be used legally by those persons 16 or older.

Add to the illegal list: such novelty items as party poppers, snakes, smoke devices and “anything that emits a flame.”

Sparklers pass as they are non-explosive and non-aerial devices containing less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture. In Police shorthand the warning goes, “If it goes ‘pop’ or ‘flies around’ it’s no good. If it makes pretty colors in a shower of ‘sparks’ it’s OK.”

For verification of fireworks, Greenwich Police advice checking out the box they come in for proper and cautionary use. If no information the fireworks are likely illegal. Best to buy fireworks from a known merchant, the Police recommend and “not from the back of someone’s car or garage.”  And, “If you suspect that you have illegal fireworks contact the police.”