Greenwich author Ginger Heller takes her book “The Kid Who Beat Wall Street” viral

Greenwich’s Ginger Heller has taken her two decades and more as a stock and commodities trader, her children savvy – she’s raised them and taught them -and her world travels and translated that experience into a book, “The Kid Who Beat Wall Street…and saved Africa.”

photo 1As the book reads Heller has penned her belief in a 12-year old boy’s ability to trade stocks on the  Internet and make over a half million dollars, to bring together six young colleagues on six continents to address the plight of “desperate children” in Africa, and she’s now sending the news of the book across the web.

Heller is using all the power of the Internet to share her YA book -on her Facebook page, in interviews such as the Huffington Post. On that post Heller was asked if middle aged kids were equipped to address large-scale global issues. She replies of her characters: “These preteens are mature enough to appreciate the magnitude of these issues and be incredibly engaged when given the opportunity for discussion…Their response is often, ‘Why did this happen, and then, how can we help.’”

Heller took time out recently to meet at Greenwich Library to  talk about her Internet marketing tactics. From a friend in India she regularly visits via Skype she got the idea to hand out her book to people on the New York Stock Exchange in exchange for their giving Heller their business card. Perhaps says Heller, she can follow up with how they liked the book, and proceed she says to”film what they say and put it on You Tube.”