Multiple GPD units outside Old Greenwich bank


Update (2:15)

Police have made an arrest in Old Greenwich, officers and witnesses say.

Lt. Kraig Gray described the incident as “nothing special” and the large police response as the product of an otherwise quiet summer.

But witnesses suggested a  tenser scene on the ground.

Gray said police will release details of the incident tomorrow morning.

Original post

At least five Greenwich Police units have been dispatched to outside an Old Greenwich bank on Sound Beach Avenue. Police declined to offer details beyond that the  incident was an “open investigation” and “non-hostile.”

The police on scene questioned two women, one inside a blue sedan, the other seated on the curb, while officers entered the adjacent Bank of America. The bank’s operations were continuing as normal.

Witnesses said as of 1:07 p.m., one of the  two women had been placed in handcuffs and their car, which had New York plates was being searched.

Details will be provided as they become available.

Justin Pottle