Homeless man arrested for public masturbation in Byram Park

A homeless Bronx man was caught masturbating near the playground at Byram Park Tuesday afternoon, according to court documents. Rysean Simpson, 30, reportedly asked when Byram Pool was open before exposing himself to a Greenwich nanny while she was watching over two children.

Greenwich Police have since charged Simpson for public indecency, breach of peace, risk of injury to a minor and interfering with an officer

Simpson appeared before Judge Erika Tindill in state Superior Court in Stamford Wednesday afternoon, where he did not make a plea and was assigned a public defender. The judge ruled that Simpson remain in Greenwich Police custody in lieu of a $12,000 bond. According to Assistant State’s Attorney David Applegate, Simpson was convicted of criminal contempt in New York earlier this year and is currently on three years’ probation.

According to court documents, shortly after 12:15 p.m., Simpson, described as a wearing blue jeansand carrying a large backpack, approached a young woman sitting on a picnic table and watching over two young children playing at the Byram park playground. He first asked the woman whether or not Byram Pool was open and then followed up with a series of personal questions, which she rebuffed. He described himself as a children’s swimming instructor and offered his services, but was again denied. As he walked away, the woman reportedly saw Simpson’s erect penis out of his waistband. Disturbed, she went to gather the children and leave.

Near the playground, the adult victim once again saw Simpson, now masturbating against a tree roughly 65 feet from the playing children.

She rushed to report the incident to a park attendant, who in turn contacted the police. Multiple officers arrived on the scene, with some attending to the victim and others searching for Simpson. Police made contact with the victim, but despite asking her to stay put, she left almost immediately after providing police with her contact information. Simpson was located near park bathrooms.

“What did I do?” reportedly asked Simpson when he saw police arriving. “I was just going to the bathroom.”

He was searched and, having no identification on his person gave the name of Sean Hardy. Without the victim able to identify Simpson as the offending man, he was released, but asked to leave the park. Minutes later, the victim’s employer and mother of the two children called the police, detailing the incident. Officers found Simpson about 500 feet away on Delavan Avenue and went to retrieve the victim. When police told Simpson he would be finger printed, he admitted that he was not Sean Hardy. The victim identified the suspect, and he was arrested at the scene. Simpson was held in lieu of $10,000 bond.

According to the nanny, the children were not aware of Simpson’s presence and did not see anything.

Simpson is set to appear in court next on August 27.

Justin Pottle