Cos Cob’s Tony Marzullo proves again he’s the dahlia king

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the dahlia explosion in Tony Marzullo’s Cos Cob backyard. Marzullo, who’s been a dahlia prize winner for decades in this town, had a white dahlia to show off as big as a basketball. “It’s a Hy Mom,” he says naming the variety. It measured 9 inches across and dazzled the eye in the summer sunshine.

Marzullo also had some impressively large Kevin Floodlight yellow dahlias nearly as big across as the Hy Mom specimen. For contrast growing next to them are some rich dark red dahlias of the Midnight Dancer variety. But one lustrous deep red one named Jessica G was a standout.  Holding it up to admire brought a “Gee whiz” from the photographer.

Marzullo has a garden that for its size brings forth an amazing array of flowers – and produce (his tomatoes are amazing). He’s planted it to keep the flowers, of all varieties, coming throughout the summer. But when his dahlias bloom, Tony Marzullo’s fame blooms again.