Greenwich’s Nicole Narea’s summer experience at NPR

College student Nicole Narea of Greenwich has had a most informative summer as an intern with the National Public Radio (NPR) program “All Things Considered” in Washington, D.C. She’s now heading back to Yale University where she will be a junior.

Nicole Narea of Greenwich is a junior at Yale University.

Nicole Narea of Greenwich is a junior at Yale University. Photo by Colin Marshall.

A look at what her experience was like in Washington popped up on Twitter, an interview done in house at NPR called ”Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop: Nicole Narea. Join the summer 2014 intern cohort as we look back at the unforgettable experience of #NPRLife.”

Name: Nicole A. Narea (Twitter: @nicolenarea)

Internship Position: All Things Considered intern

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

College/University: YaleUniversity ‘16

Major: History

What drew you to NPR? I grew up as a backseat baby. I remember my dad made a CD of RadioLab podcasts that he put on in the car on a family Eurotrip when I was in middle school. Ever since, I can’t brush my teeth or get in the shower without my NPR iPhone app in the morning. My college roommates wish they could train me out of that habit.

What do you think separated you from other candidates applying for your internship? Funnily enough, ATC is my first radio gig, but I’ve wanted to go into journalism for years now. I had three newspaper internships before this, two at the local paper in my hometown during high school and another at the Hearst News Service’s Washington bureau after my freshman year. I covered immigration, military sexual assault, and gun reform from the Senate Press Gallery, as well as a couple White House pool reports, for Hearst. I produce multimedia reporting and write for several campus newspapers at Yale. And this school year, I’m excited to be interning for Slate and NationSwell!

Describe some of your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Lunch breaks aren’t really a thing on ATC, to say the least. After a run in the NPR gym, I’m at my desk by 9 and looking for story ideas to pitch in our 10 a.m. all-staff meeting –hosts, producers, bookers and, yes, even interns discuss the news of the day and formulate a tentative layout for that evening’s show. From there, I research stories, identify and pre-interview guests, help cut tape, and draft scripts and web builds for stories, until around 3:45 when I have to start running scripts to the hosts. Scripts aren’t finished five minutes before air time? Don’t freak out — this is a daily news show, so we live by deadlines.

What’s your commute to NPR like? I’m living in Georgetown in a student townhouse a block from the university campus. Georgetown is a great area to explore – from the tasty fare to the scene on the Waterfront – but the commute can be as long as an hour door-to-door to NPR. AND there’s no metro to Georgetown. So take that into consideration if you decide to live there.

Top three #NPRLife moments of your internship? Go. 
1. Getting lost in the Pentagon where there is zero cell service when I was shadowing our Pentagon Correspondent, Tom Bowman. #noob
2. Stealing red, white and blue Hershey’s Kisses from the White House briefing room.
3. Whenever the meetings digress to the weird and weirder, from K-pop festivals and hippo infestations to cat videos and hitchhiking robots, which is frequently.

Favorite NPR show or podcast? I would feel traitorous not to say All Things Considered, but RadioLab comes in at a close second (Jad Abumrad…ahhh!).

Favorite album or song right now? Hey Now by London Grammar is eating up my SoundCloud. And all of the remixes ever.

What did you work on this summer? Israel. Gaza. The child migrant crisis. Iraq. Ukraine. Syria. Some token light stories. Oh, and Ebola. So much for slow news in August!

I also worked on a long piece about citizenship with Robert Siegel. This is a story I pitched and helped produce for our guest host and international correspondent Ari Shapiro.

Words of wisdom for future NPR interns? Reach out to reporters that cover subjects that interest you in the building – they know their beat better than anyone else, and are usually happy to answer questions…or even take you out on assignment!

The Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop series is a continuous effort to showcase the diversity of young talent at NPR. Interviews were coordinated by Hugo Rojo. Photos by Colin Marshall.