Firefighters put out small Riverside blaze

Greenwich firefighters put out a small roof fire in residential Riverside Tuesday afternoon, stemming what fire officials said could have been a much worse incident. The fire was accompanied by a small break in a water main leading to an adjacent fire hydrant, though Aquarion officials were unable to determine if it had been directly caused by the fire across the street.

At approximately 2:18 Tuesday afternoon, firefighters received a report of smoke and flames coming from the roof of a home on Bonwit Road in northern Riverside.  Engines from stations in Central Greenwich, Cos Cob, Old Greenwich and the Backcountry responded to the incident, as did Greenwich Emergency Medical Services and Greenwich Police personnel.

The homeowner, who was home at the time and reported the fire, was uninjured.

“We made short work of it,” said Deputy Chief Keith Millette. “The guys did a great job.”

The fire, which began on the exterior of the house, burned a small hole in the roof and damaged the ceiling of a second floor bedroom, Millette said. Engines began leaving the scene by 2:50 p.m., barely half an hour after they were first summoned to Bonwit Road.

However, despite the small scale of the fire, firefighters said the incident could have been much worse were it not for the quick action of  the homeowner.

“The homeowner was home at the time and her prompt dialing of 911 greatly helped,” said Millette.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation by Greenwich fire marshals.

Justin Pottle