Greenwich High headmaster discusses school climate

During an interview with Greenwich Time on Tuesday, on the first day of classes of the 2014-15 school year, Greenwich High School Headmaster Chris Winters discussed the school climate.

Chris Winters 8-27

Greenwich High School Headmaster Chris Winters

Here are some of his comments.


“We’re very focused on helping students feel connected to Greenwich High School. We know that the more a student participates in activities, or knows an adult who is known well by other adults, the better they’re going to do academically.

“We have a freshman mentoring program in place that has the goal to start students with that strong connection to an adult, in addition to their guidance counselor. We have other positive behavioral interventions and supports that we think will help students feel safe, secure and ready to learn.

“I think the atmosphere at Greenwich High School has always been very positive and supportive. Students are very interested in affecting small change. They know the small things they do can have a big impact, so small acts of kindness I think are routine here – things like holding the door or saying hello. Those small actions have a ripple effect. The more each individual contributes to the greater good by doing small things in a positive way, it really creates a positive environment. That’s our message to students.

“We talk about using the excitement of the new year as an opportunity to reach out to someone, to make a new friend, to invite someone to sit at your table, to stop sending a message that might be hurtful. I think our students respond very nicely.”

Paul Schott