Savor and share: Peas

According to the folks at Yes Peas! (, a single serving of their favorite green vegetable has as much vitamin C as two large apples, more fiber than a slice of whole meal bread and more thiamine than a pint of whole milk. In addition to being nutrient-rich, peas are (same source) ‘‘just about the most versatile vegetable in the world. They taste great in risotto, kedgeree, omelettes, pizzas, pastas, soups, salads, casseroles and curries.’’ So ‘‘peas’’ send us your favorite recipes using peas for the Recipe Box of May 17.

You can post recipes using the comment link below. You might just win a cookbook for your efforts.

Include your name, address and phone number and don’t forget the number of servings. Remember beer and wine recipes for the Recipe Box of May 10. And it’s not too early to think about Memorial Day picnic recipes for May 24.

Joe Stalvey