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VIDEO: World Cup fans show their pride on Main Street


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Although the final score between the Brazil and Portugal was 0 to 0, that didn’t stop fans of two World Cup teams from showing their pride along Main Street this afternoon.

After watching the match at the Atlantic Restaurant on Osborne Street, I went to check the scene on the corner of Main and Keeler Street. There were about 20 cars with people honking their horns and waving flags after the game.

From what I could see from my location, the flow of traffic downtown moved very smoothly downtown although things cleared immediately on Main Street once the police re-opened the side roads (even Chief Al Baker was on hand directing vehicles).

For the most part, people were very respectable on Main Street and had a great time…and then there were the anti-immigrant locals.

Two members of the United States Citizens for Immigration and Law Enforcement parked across the street from the Casa Nova restaurant and showed a complete lack of class. Infamous former Common Council member Pauline Basso and anti-immigrant colleague Patricia Kadet felt the need to “observe” the situation…complete with Kadet receiving a round of boos as she taunted people with her “thumbs down” hand gestures. Happily the two irritants left the scene once they noticed yours truly had a camera pointed directly at them.

Here’s a brief video clip of the scene along Main Street.

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  1. Johnny R says:

    Sure glad I didn’t have a business need to be downtown today