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Elise Marciano: “Obama is a Muslim”

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In order to truly understand why just about everyone in the state should be outraged over Mark Boughton’s unreported appearance at the United States Citizens for Immigration Enforcement (USCFILE) anti-immigrant hate group rally this past Saturday, you need to learn a thing or two about these disgusting group of misfits.

As a primer of what’s to come, here’s a videoclip of USCFILE hate group leader Elise Marciano showing her racist Islamophobia side. From early this year, here’s the anti-immigrant clown along side fellow local access TV wingnut Denise Gallagher spewing out her bigotry in her description of President Obama.

…remember, this is the same person that Boughton and Mike McLachlan embraced with open arms on Saturday.

Why would anyone vote for a politician who embrace and support an anti-immigrant, racist clown like Marcaino?


…to be continued

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  1. m. burns says:

    i say we outlaw all beliefs.. considering there all false anyways all the major belief systems where designed not granted by god or higher power..i have one question for all those who truly think they know god.. and that is if god is god as we are taught to be all knowing moraly perfect then why create something for it to worship and fail. in order to be worship that means god has wants how could the all knowing perfect god want anything??????? all is already his??????