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Boughton uses the “L” word


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The chickens have come home to roost…

Danbury Patch:

Danbury faces a quadruple whammy in the coming budget season, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton told the department heads Thursday.

The state is cutting aid. Federal stimulus money that reached almost $4 million last year for the city and schools combined will be gone next year, and negotiated employee benefits and pay raises may cost the city another $3 million. That could lead to layoffs in the budget that starts July 1, 2011.

Boughton said next year’s revenues will be down nearly $8 million and it’s expenses if every department budget comes in flat will rise almost $3 million. That is a bad scenario, but it is possible, Boughton said.


“The state is talking about cutting services and shared pain,” Boughton said. “Just tell us straight. What that translates into is they’re doing less and they’re giving us less money.”

He said for Danbury, that means there are no sacred cows in the budget

“Everything is on the table. You’ll see layoffs,” Boughton said.

And I bet he still thinks not hiring a FULL-TIME Economic Director was a good idea…and lets not started on:

It’s not like people didn’t warn residents about Boughton’s voodoo economics before…

Apr 2007:

May 2008:

May 2009:

This is what you get when you have a part-time mayor who has been more interested in raising his state-wide name recognition for the last year.

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  1. Locke says:

    The single greatest threat on state and municipal budgets is bloated labor union contracts. Until this issue is addressed CT Towns and Cities will be in a perpetual economic crisis.