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U.S Department of Education lists CT high school achievement gap largest in nation


Today the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) commented on the latest data from the U.S. Department of Education that shows Connecticut high schools having the largest achievement gap in the nation.

For the first time, the U.S Department of Education released the state-specific math and reading results of twelfth graders on its “National Assessment of Educational Progress” (NAEP) last week. Connecticut was one of 11 states to voluntarily participate in this pilot project.

ConnCAN’s analysis of the previously released NAEP results for 4th and 8th grade showed that Connecticut has the largest achievement gap in elementary and middle school. Analysis of this new NAEP data shows that Connecticut’s high school achievement gap is also the largest in the nation. In reading and math, the high school performance gap between Connecticut’s low-income and minority students and their white, middle-class peers is larger than that of all other participating states. Connecticut’s minority and low-income twelfth grade students score up to three and a half grade levels behind their white and middle-class peers in both reading and math.


  • The average gap between poor and non-poor twelfth grade students is 2.8 grade levels in reading and 3.1 grade levels in math.
  • African-American twelfth grade students scored 3.6 grade levels behind their white peers in reading and 3.3 grade levels behind in math.
  • Hispanic twelfth grade students scored 2.7 grade levels behind their white peers in reading and 3.2 grade levels behind their white peers in math.

“It is once again disappointing to see how far Connecticut has to go to make good on its promise to provide an adequate public education to all students,” said Alex Johnston, ConnCAN’s CEO. “This information is even more dismaying when you consider that these massive gaps only reflect the performance of students that make it to the twelfth grade; too many of our low-income and minority students do not even make it this far.”

In 2009, only 66% of African-American students, 58% of Hispanic students, and 60% of low-income students graduated from high school in Connecticut. Of all students who graduate and choose to attend college at Connecticut State universities or community colleges, 65-72% require remedial or developmental math or English.

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  1. John B. says:

    It’s all whitey’s fault!

  2. bill black says:

    i agree w/mr. right

  3. Mr Right says:

    Due to the recent win of the governorship by a Democrat so they now control all branches of CT government and hold all constitutional offices, and with the leaders of both houses of the General Assembly both being liberal academics, and Donovan, the Speaker of the House being a union organizer, you can be assured that the state government will be throwing more good money after bad into the dilapidating school districts of Bridgeport, Waterbury, New Haven and Hartford.

    No worry; as Malloy has promised to raise taxes, and as the liberal Democratic leadership has promised its constituents – unions and state workers, particularly – that it won’t cut spending; and as ObamaCare kicks in in one of the highest cost states for medical insurance due to the already heavy unfunded mandates, and as the Bush tax cuts expire, you can rest assured that the already high achieving children will be leaving the state in droves, in tow with their parents who will be over the threshold of financial pain, as they seek lower cost states that don’t necessarily see their earnings as something that should be confiscated to continue to maintain a class of worthlessnes, whose culture is that of welfare collectors and charlatans.

    The smart kids and the wealthy will leave. The gaps should shrink dramatically as the flight from CT accelerates. The only one’s left will be the illiterate, but there also won’t be anyone left to tax.