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Has anyone seen Gary Franks?


Seems like the former Republican Congressman has a problem when it comes to paying his debt.

Gary Franks’ rise was meteoric, from a three-family house on Camp Terrace to a real estate millionaire, from naive local alderman to Connecticut’s first black Republican in the U.S. House.

Today, Franks cannot be found.

After losing a Senate bid in 1998, this charming hometown hero withdrew from Waterbury, leaving a discreet trail of foreclosures, betrayed friends and debts exceeding $100,000 in three states. Those who knew him say there is much more private debt that can’t be documented.

Given Frank’s shady past, and reputation of being a no-show, his latest problem is not a surprise…

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  1. Alfonso Robinson says:

    @George: Remember what they say about Republicans who throw stones in glass houses.

  2. George says:

    It was recently mentioned on the Dr. Laura program that Mr. Franks was in process of forming a wine tastinig club. Other names rumored to be in the club include:

    DEMOCRAT Charlie Rangel

    DEMOCRAT Kwame Kilpatrick

    DEMOCRAT Jesse Jackson Jr.

    DEMOCRAT Maxine Walters

    DEMOCRAT David Patterson

    DEMOCRAT William “Freezer” Jefferson