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Buried fire hydrants places lives at risk (take 2)

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Here’s a picture taken on Sunday of a buried fire hydrant in front of the Palace Theater on Main Street…unacceptable

I know I’ve already talked about this subject but this is VERY serious.

I can not stress how important it is for residents to take the time and clean around fire hydrants when cleaning snow from their driveways. It shouldn’t take public humiliation or photographers snapping pictures of problems in the city for people to do the right thing.

First off, if a hydrant becomes buried in snow, firefighters will have a difficult time locating the buried hydrant during a fire when every second counts.

Second, if you don’t clean around a hydrant right after a snow storm, as tie goes on the snow around the hydrant will harden and make clearing all the more difficult for firefighters.

Third, if you live near a hydrant, you’re only hurting yourself and your neighbors when firefighters waste time clearing around a hydrant during a fire.

In short, you’re PLACING LIVES AT RISK when you don’t properly clean around a fire hydrant…which is exactly what happened yesterday in at a condominium complex fire in Branford.

Again, you shouldn’t need city officials to tell you to clean the hydrants…common sense should tell you to do the right thing…