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Will it take an accident for City Hall to fix the light signal on the corner of White and Byron Street?


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I can’t believe I’m actually have to write a post to draw attention to this nonsense…

If you travel up and down on White Street/Newtown Road, then you’ve seen the new traffic signal on at the intersection on Byron Street.

This signal was was installed recently to accommodate Winters Brothers Waste Systems LLC.

For reasons unknown, the geniuses at City Hall decided to set the turn signal to flash red in all directions at late night. The problem with this scenario is that no one who travels on White Street are stopping at the intersection…because the signal on White should be set to yellow and NOT red.

To illustrate my point, recently I went down to the intersection to videotape the traffic in action…take a look.

Here’s the state law on traffic signals (Connecticut Code – Sec. 14-299 (c 1-2)).

(c) When an illuminated flashing red or yellow signal is used in a traffic sign or signal, it shall require obedience by vehicular traffic as follows:

(1) Flashing red: When a red lens is illuminated by rapid intermittent flashes, drivers of vehicles shall stop before entering the nearest crosswalk at an intersection, or at a limit line when marked or, if none, then before entering the intersection, and the right to proceed shall be subject to the rules applicable after making a stop at a stop sign.

(2) When a yellow lens is illuminated with rapid intermittent flashes, drivers of vehicles facing such signal may proceed through the intersection or past such signal only with caution.

It’s fairly obvious that the simple solution to this situation is to set the signal on White Street from flashing red (which makes no sense) to flashing yellow (which makes sense). Unfortunately the genius at City Hall have allowed this snafu to go on for far too long and it’s only a matter of time until someone pulls out of Byron onto White and gets involved in an accident.

The question remains…will it take an accident for city officials to do the right thing on the corner of White and Byron?


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  1. NewMil says:

    You’re blaming the City for something that every driver should know? If the city puts a stop sign at an intersection and drivers run through it because they are impatient and feel its unnecessary, is it the city’s fault? If there is an accident, the city won’t be to blame, as drivers are generally expected to follow basic driving rules.

  2. justplainjoe says:

    I think your’re right about the light, it should be blinking yellow on the White St side of the intersection. But this doesn’t excuse the poorly trained drivers that aren’t stopping for the blinking red light as they should be, either. The problem in Danbury is that they’ve used too many lights to compensate for the poorly trained and discourteous drivers that populate our roads. Driving across town has become painfully frustrating as you must wait for a traffic light seemingly every few hundred feet. As the number of lights increases the frustration level, people are more prone to run yellow/red lights, and barely slow down for right-on-reds. If people had the training and patience to approach an intersection as they should, we wouldn’t need half the traffic lights that are in place now.

    Now, lets not talk about Brookfield, where the intersection signs contain novels about who should stop and who shouldn’t…

  3. Sasheme Mongufu says:

    Somebody got a degree in traffic light management.