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Shays and Simmons love McMahon? Yeah right!

CT Mirror breaks down the staged fest that happened in Danbury yesterday.

But neither of the former congressmen was exactly on message. Simmons said nothing about McMahon from the podium, and he and Shays offered her the thinnest of praise, calling her the obvious choice of GOP voters.


Shays dodged the question of whether he now believes McMahon is qualified.

“I think that she’s the candidate, and I think that Chris Murphy is incredibly vulnerable,” said Shays, who lost an Aug. 14 primary to McMahon by a ratio of nearly 3-1. “I think she can win this race.”

Simmons offered a similar assessment.

Asked if McMahon had improved as a candidate since their 2010 contest, Simmons said, “She spoke without notes, which I think is a positive development.”