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View former Danbury city councilman Robert Arconti’s racist anti-Obama sign

Following in the footsteps of Danbury City Clerk Jean Natale, Danbury city council majority leader Pauline Basso, and immigration hate-group leader Elise Marciano, another one of Mayor Mark Boughton’s close political confidants exposes his racist undertones.

If you know former “>city councilman (and immigration hate-group sympathizer) Robert Arconti, you’re not surprised…although I’m sure some people at the Danbury News-Times would be shocked to see their former Human Resource manager, Carol Arconti’s, name proudly displayed on this offensive piece of garbage.

I wonder how former Mayor Gino Arconti would feel about his family’s name being associated with such blatant racism?


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6 Responses

  1. Frank Kennedy says:

    Am I missing something how this sign is racist? I keep trying to figure out how it is?

  2. sandy arconti atanasoff says:

    Just for the record – not all Arconti’s feel this way and certainly not the sentiment of one of the best mayors this city has ever seen.

  3. Jim Arconti says:

    To answer your question regarding how Gino Arconti would feel about the sign, as is youngest son I call tell you he would have obviously been offended by the comments.

    But having said that, I am not sure why you thought to use Dad’s name in your blog and I’d prefer you not do so in the future. You can make your own political arguments without having to involve Dad’s good name.

    All the best. Jim Arconti

  4. Rich Arconti says:

    As the former Mayor’s eldest son, I can tell you that he and the rest of his family would be mortified and very, very disappointed.

  5. James says:

    How is this “racist”? PUH LEEEASE!

    If this sign was reversed and about Romney, there would be no false outcry. It seems that any attempt to criticize the worst president in history brings out the desperate bottom feeder race baiters.

    Get over it already, stop crying racism, no one cares except a few far left progressive nut cases.

  6. Susan says:

    Could you please explain how this is “racist”?