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Questions raised regarding Danbury City Councilman Gregg Seabury’s residency

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Meet Gregg Seabury of Fairfield?

For years there have been grumblings regarding the residency of City Councilman Gregg Seabury; specifically, does the at large representative actually live in Danbury?

Court documents filed by Seabury are sure to raise eyebrows and among local politicos and at the very least, prompt a more detailed inquiry into the councilman’s residency by the state’s election enforcement commission.

Here’s a copy of Seabury’s case detail (via the State of CT’s Judicial Branch website), make note of his filing address (labeled in red).

For verification purposes, I decided to plug the name ” Gregg Seabury” and “Danbury CT” into the database at This is a copy of the result.

While did not find anything for Seabury in Danbury, it did show a listing for the Councilman that matches the address filed in the court documents.

The question remains, when will someone call into question the mystery surrounding where Seabury actually lives? During an election year, the voters of Danbury deserve to know if their at-large councilman actually resides in the city he represents.