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Kevin Rennie sounds alarm bells over GOP Registrar of Voters Mary Ann Doran

As the Mark Boughton’s laughable gubernatorial campaign continue to cringe as more of their petitions are marked invalid, Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie joins the increasing numbers of political analysis and lawmakers who are extremely skeptical with Danbury GOP Registrar of Voters Mary Ann Doran given her extremely controversial past.

Not all registrars of voters are the same. Some have spent years in the dark side of politics and bear watching. Danbury’s Mary Ann Doran is one of those. She’ll be overseeing the critical count of signatures on the petitions Republican lieutenant governor hopeful Mark Lauretti’s campaign submitted in running mate Mark Boughton’s hometown. Read about Doran here. Mercy, what a history.

The Danbury signatures take center stage as the Boughton-Lauretti ticket has been buffeted by a damaging number of rejected signatures. Waterbury, Brookfield, and Shelton (Lauretti’s hometown) have identified large numbers of invalid signatures for a campaign that left itself little room for error in the count. If the rejected signatures continue at this pace, even Boughton favorite Doran will be helpless to save her benefactor.

Without Lauretti’s fundraising talent, Boughton will have have little chance of raising the $250,000 in small contributions he needs to qualify for public financing and mount a competitive campaign for the August 12th Republican primary.

Given the fact that rejected signatures continue to rack up, and the importance of signatures from Danbury, if one’s past is an indication of future behavior, EVERYONE should be concerned with the activities of Doran.

Tom Foley would be wise to have monitors track Doran’s petition verification process and have lawyers on standby when they find a hint of wrongdoing from the woman who is considered the most controversial figure in the political history of Danbury.