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A letter from Danbury…

This is required viewing…enough is enough…gun control now.

Boughton speaks on Eriquez (and I guess pigs do fly every once and a while)

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Mark the date down and make sure that you’re sitting when you read this because what I’m about to say doesn’t happen a lot…I actually agree with Mayor Mark Boughton on

VIDEO: Eriquez temporarily steps down as Danbury DTC chairman

Cross post from HatCityBLOG From last night, here’s video footage former Danbury Mayor Gene Eriquez temporarily stepping down as chairman of the Danbury Democratic Town Committee. Ryser, NewsTimes

Maxwell ends his bid for Congress

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Well, that didn’t last long… Matt Maxwell of Newtown is ending his bid for the Republican nomination in the 5th Congressional District. “I will remain active in

Bethel and Danbury polling locations selected for audit

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Today, the Secretary of State office announced that Bethel’s Bethel Municipal Center Districts 1 & 4 and Danbury’s Sixth Ward polling locations have been randomly selected

Jeff Tomchik to run for State Rep. in the 138th

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Danbury Firefighter Jeff Tomchik has thrown his hat into the race for State Rep. in the 138th district. Tomchik, a veteran of the city’s fire department and current

Dan Carter for U.S. Senate?

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie has the details. Rennie: State Representative Dan Carter (R-Bethel) is moving closer to seeking his party’s nomination for the U.S.

Get the FACTS by downloading and reading the press release/complaint against former Mayor Gene Eriquez’s political action committee HatPAC

Upon popular demand, and based on some rather outlandish misinformation from former Danbury Mayor and HatPAC chairman Gene Eriquez that was published in the print version of the Danbury News Times,

I guess this means that Al Baker is no longer Danbury’s Police Chief…

Cross post from HatCityBLOG The latest job opening at the Danbury Police Department tells the story…

Take down the X-Mas lights already!!!

Cross post from HatCityBLOG I guess the mayor cares so much about his $65,000 dollar X-Mas light show so much that he wants to be like the wacky neighbor who keeps their lights up all year long. Main