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Why demolish the playground at Rogers Park in August?

To say that the demolishment of the playground at Rogers Park is boneheaded would be an understatement. The playground at Rogers Park has a very popular destination for youths (my kids play there

VIDEO: Danbury Fair Mall fireworks finale

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Happy 4th of July…

Danbury’s local music scene is alive and well!

Lys Gulliorn and Her Band Cross post from HatCityBLOG I’ve ALWAYS been a HUGE supporter of the local music scene in Danbury and during those rare moments when I have a free night to myself, I make

Happy Danbury Unity March Day

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Advocates for the rights of immigrants will never forget June 12 2005! It was on that beautiful Sunday afternoon, over 1,000 residents stood in solidarity with Danbury’s

On SBAC – Connecticut’s Best Places for parents and students – Stonington, Madison, Region #19, Danbury

Cross post from Jon Pelto’s Wait What? Every year groups like release lists of the best places to live in American. The organization observes that, “Making a Best Places to Live list is

Food for thought…

The next time you hear GE whine about the state budget, remember that they know a thing or two about NOT paying their fair share. New York Times, 03.24.11: General Electric, the nation’s largest

IMPORTANT public hearing on development proposal on Newtown Road TONIGHT

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Tonight, the Danbury Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing regarding a significant development proposal at the locaiton of the old Action Motors adjacent to

Tell your state lawmakers to stand up for victims of domentic violence

Today, The Connecticut Against Gun Violence group (CAGV) sent out an urgent email to their followers urging them to call their state lawmakers and demand that H.B. 6848, An Act Protecting Victims Of

When it comes to racist intent, GOP State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor makes the case for Gov. Malloy

Cross post from My Left Nutmeg UPDATE: The Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement regarding State Rep. Buck-taylor’s offensive remarks. The Connecticut Democratic Party is

Say it ain’t so…Chris Dodd encouraged people to donate to Republicans in Congress?

So much for loyalty to the principles of the Democratic Party… Given the fact that he was driven out of the Washington by misinformation and outright lies from the American Taliban Party, it’s