Ready & Abled

Suzanne Robitaille looks at disabilities and special needs.

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Healthcare Debate: People with Disabilities Left Out

I’m watching the healthcare debate on T.V., with President Obama taking a very CEO-roundtable-like style to try to bring together a roomful of lawmakers to agree on a comprehensive $950 billion healthcare bill. Obama sits at the head of a square conference table, flanked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. […] [Read More]

Expedia And Hotels.Com’s Accessible Room Gimmick

I got two press releases yesterday. One from, and another from, both claiming that they have renovated their websites to let people with physical disabilities search for accessible hotel rooms. While this seems like good news, here’s what they didn’t say: 1. Customers can search for, but not book, accessible rooms. I thought […] [Read More]