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Old vs New


As I talk to many of my friends in other industries outside of Media I find that many of them are just now trying to figure out how Facebook or Linked In can help them.  In my community many people work in the financial markets and particularly here they are afraid that being open about their contacts and what they are doing with clients is private information.

“Digital reluctance is particularly strong amongst “old media” leaders, who told this week’s Reuters Global Media Summit they were uncomfortable with sharing personal information, especially in 140-character bursts.” (Reuters)

I am no early adopter myself but quite a few times I find myself explaining to a friend that there is no way you can stop the tide of social media.  The new generation is driving this and sooner or later you will have to be on board if you are going to be able to communicate with your customers, no matter what industry you are in.  As you will read in the linked article, it is no wonder that traditional media companies have been slow adopters of the new media opportunities.

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