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Eric Metaxas on Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I just read Eric Metaxas’s book on Bonhoeffer and it is a great read.  For those who are interested in European history, World War II, the rise of Naziism in Germany, this is a great book.  When you
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New Media is Finding its Calling

With all of the new technology that media has provided us, from Facebook and Twitter, to devices like the iPad and smart phones we need to be careful about how we use these tools.  Our culture is
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HTML5 may be the answer

HTMLRocks One doesn’t need to be an expert on digital technology to appreciate the potential for the future of magazine and newspapers that Nico Enbgelhardt and Johannes Ippen have developed for their
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Old vs New

As I talk to many of my friends in other industries outside of Media I find that many of them are just now trying to figure out how Facebook or Linked In can help them.  In my community many people
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Holiday Gadgets Shopping List

Will Rogers was a well know magazine columnist in the early part of the 20th century and I humbly borrow the title of his column with the hope that I can carry on his legacy. I am thrilled to be
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