The Ground Zero Mosque (Part 1)

Can it be possible that the US has been maneuvered into a strategic no-win situation? The controversy surrounding “The Cordoba Project”, the proposed mosque being built at 51 Park Place in Lower Manhattan is more than a mere disagreement: Terror groups and other radical Jihad networks have turned what, on its face appears to be merely a case of offending 70% of the US population into a major ideological issue … an issue which will provide them with a major victory regardless of whether the project goes forward or not. 

The problem is larger, more complex and of more consequence than many in the US are currently aware. Terror groups and radical jihad networks use the symbolism of such issues to great effect in a new type of conflict called Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW). The Gen4 model is typically used by violent non-state actors and involves methods deemed unacceptable by conventional warfare (terrorism) to degrade a stronger opponent’s will to win. Using this model, the enemy has at their disposal an arsenal of weapons and tactics unlike any the US has faced before, and for which we are ill-prepared. Unfortunately, the Ground Zero Mosque is now a 4GW weapon being used against us in the Global War on Terror.

Over the next several posts, I intend to address the basic issue of building a mosque in its current, planned location, how it fits into the model of 4GW, and what the US can do to minimize the effects of this endeavor reaching its culmination. 

The Issue: 

The Ground Zero Mosque is a legal transaction between two private entities. No one denies this. Those who oppose the project say that it is inappropriate, inflammatory and insulting. Nothing more. No one has suggested that the involved parties be denied their rights as the minority who favor the mosque allege. 

Two-thirds of the American Public are justified in taking umbrage at this project. We have learned over the last nine years that an alarming number of mosques are, at minimum, tacit supporters of violent Muslim extremist groups, and at worst, active facilitators. Many Islamic charities are merely window dressing for operations to collect money from well-meaning Muslims under the guise of faith-based good will, and then funneling it to terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. During my time in Afghanistan and Iraq, the mosque was a combination of terrorist recruiting and indoctrination center, arms room, ammunition dump, communications hub and operations center. 

The words and associations of the lead personnel in this endeavor is what caught the nation’s attention: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the public face of this project, along with Hashim El Zanaty both have dubious associations, while Imam Feisal refuses to repudiate Hamas a known terrorist group, calls US Foreign policy an accessory to 9/11 and says, with a smile, that Osama Bin Laden is “made in the USA”. The majority of America has put two and two together. 

Contrary to the shrill accusations from the minority who favor the Ground Zero Mosque, 70% of the US is not Islamophobic. Countless mosques have been built since 9/11 without a single word of protest. Those who favor this project point to the mosque a mere four blocks from Ground Zero in an attempt to identify what they see as unfair persecution and say “Why not protest that mosque too?” In saying this, they unwittingly make the case for those opposed to the Ground Zero mosque. If the American public doesn’t protest a single mosque other than Ground Zero, that should be clear evidence that we, as a people do not have a problem with mosques, Islam or Muslims who sincerely want to observe their faith in accordance with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The American public does have a problem with a victory shrine for those who attacked us.  

 In an attempt to quell public outrage, Imam Feisal states that the intention is to build an Islamic outreach center in order to build bridges. If this is so, it should be clear that the project is building more walls than bridges and should be moved. He later stated that the purpose of this site is to be a place of worship for ALL faiths. If it is a place of worship for all faiths, why is it called an Islamic Outreach center, with only Muslims worshipping there? Imam Feisal also stated that 51 Park is not actually Ground Zero, and therefore, not actually hallowed ground, thus the public outcry is not justified. A building that was damaged by aircraft wreckage and debris from the downed towers is not ground zero? 

Bottom Line: The stated purpose of this mosque is not the true purpose. Most of America understands this. 

Next post: How the Cordoba Project is becoming an extension of the battlefield in the global War on Terror: The Manhattan Theatre of Operations.

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