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The Most Competitive College Admissions Year

As predicted by yours truly, in my blog posts of Feb. 8 and Dec. 21, the headlines everywhere are about how this was the most competitive year for college admissions. Ever.

The Daily Beast declares it to be “the toughest college admission year on record”.

The NY Times “The Choice” blog has a box with admissions facts that are being updated as more data come in. Even as he reports the numbers, Jacques Steinberg, the blog’s author, says “I know we risk inducing hysteria and more than a little hyperventilating in presenting this data, particularly among those who will apply next year, and beyond.” That, I would say, is an understatement.

The Washington Post’s “College Inc.” blog headline is “Admissions rates tighten at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton”.

The Huffington Post says “College Admissions Rates Drop for the Class of 2015”

These articles are also filled with depressing statistics like this one from the College Inc. blog:

“Stanford admitted 2,427 students from an applicant pool of 34,348”.

And this one from the Huffington Post:

“Columbia University, which saw its applicant pool balloon by 32 percent this year, accepted a mere 6.4 percent of prospective student”

This kind of news is guaranteed to have parents reaching for antacid to calm the upset stomach that accompanies the rising fear.

Panic stricken students and parents need take a deep breath and tell themselves “College admissions is about finding the right fit and there is more than one college where I (or my child) can be happy and successful”. Repeat as necessary.

Competent Independent Educational Consultants can help make sure that students are looking at colleges that are the right fit and help them with the parts of this process that are within their control and let go of what is not.

And be prepared to read the exact same headlines in April 2012.

Janet Rosier