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College Tour

Last Friday I was in Washington, DC to see some of my students in that area and tour American University. I have toured both Georgetown and George Washington University twice but I had not had the chance to see American. I always tell my students that nothing substitutes for a college visit and that held true for me as well.

I attended a very interesting information session as well as had a meeting with an admissions counselor to learn what is new. Quite a few things, it turns out. She filled me in on two new programs that students will complete in three years. She stressed that these were 8 semester programs and there was no cost savings, but for students who were anxious to get out and start working, it was a hit. The programs are The Three Year Cohort in Public Health and the Global Scholars Program.  You can find out more about these on their website,

I also learned some interesting things, like American in ranked #1 on the Green Honor Roll and they are #6 for Most Diverse. 87% of their students participate in at least one internship and some do more.

I also learned the etymology of the word WONK. I have heard people referred to as Wonks and read about political wonks many times but now I know. Wonk is DC slang and it is KNOW spelled backwards. It stands for smart +passionate +focused +engaged.

I saw happy and engaged students and had a lovely day on their campus.

Janet Rosier