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The GPA Game

As an Independent Educational Consultant, I am often asked about what the colleges are really looking for. “Does not having community service hurt my son in admissions?” “Will one poor grade kill my daughter’s chances?”  “How many extra-curricular activities do I need?”

The answers to these questions and more will be discussed at a seminar I am hosting, “The GPA Game”. This is a fun and interactive exercise designed to give students and parents an understanding of how the colleges interpret applications.

I did not invent this game; I came across it several years ago when it was being discussed on the listserve for the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), an association of which I am a member. I have hosted this game before and it is always enjoyable.

I am hosting this event on Sunday, March 4 at 1:00 PM at the Greater New Haven Jewish Community Center, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge.

Families with high school aged children–parents and students–are welcome to attend this free seminar.  I will moderate the GPA Game and explain it and follow with a Question and Answer session.

If you would like to come, click on this link for more information. Space is limited, so please let me know that you are planning to attend.

Janet Rosier