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Buying Essays

I was reading Jay Mathew’s column in the Washington Post the other day.  He is one of my favorite education writers and I am always interested in what he is discussing.  His column was about essays

Merit Aid versus Need Based Aid

This article in the New York Times discusses the rise of merit aid at some colleges.  This is not a new discussion and some folks are against the idea of merit aid and feel that it takes resources

Optimism at The University of Connecticut:

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently ran this story, tilted,  Bucking the Bad Economy, a Few Universities Plan to Hire Hundreds of Faculty. (This article is only available to subscribers.) The

College Board Cancels Summer SAT

Yesterday, the College Board canceled its ill-conceived idea of allowing a handful of students– whose parents had paid $4500 for a summer program– to take the SAT in August. As I wrote in this blog

SAT in the Summer?

The NY Times has a short piece about the SAT, here. I suspect this will be the first of many on this controversial subject. Their headline says it all, “For a High Price, SAT Available in Summer”. As

Student Debt

Student debt is big news these days.  I have seen numerous articles about student debt with headlines like this one from the Wall Street Journal “Despite Concern, Banks Give Student Loans the Old

Is This Carrying Things Too Far?

A colleague sent a link to this article in the NY Post about some high schools instituting guidelines about how seniors should announce their college acceptances and choice. To quote the article, “In

Charging More for Popular Classes?

A few weeks ago, I read about a community college in California that was considering charging more for the most popular—and therefore harder to get in to—classes. The article from The Atlantic

Social Networking and Admissions: Who is Checking?

I am not a big fan of social networking like facebook and twitter. I am sure that this is mostly due to my age and the other part is that I am not fond of  the amount of over-sharing we see.  Yes, I

College Decisions–By Mail or on the Web?

Jay Mathews of The Washington Post posed this question to his readers today. Would they rather get their admissions decisions by mail –the old fashioned way– or by logging on to a website to find