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Avoid the Senior Slide

I am republishing my blog post of May 17, 2011 as the same advice still rings true:


For high school seniors, it is all but over. According to the calendar, classes may be going on for another six weeks or more, but many seniors have mentally left the building.

Senior Slide, Senioritis– however you name it, it is not a good idea.  Seniors may think that because they have sent in their deposits and AP tests are over that they can blow off the rest of the year. Think again.

Re-read your college admission letter and it will have wording similar to this: contingent upon successful completion of your academic year. By successful completion, the colleges mean that they want to see the same level of grades you have maintained for this year. If there is a significant drop in grades, colleges can rescind their offer of admission.

Merit scholarships can be affected as well–I had a family tell me that their student’s merit money –offered with the admission letter–was reduced when his second semester grades went down.

Admission offers can also be rescinded if the student experiences disciplinary issues–especially ones involving academic dishonesty.

Having an admissions offer rescinded doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. So, seniors, keep up the good work until the end of the school year. Keep your grades close to where they have been all year and don’t get into trouble. It’s not over yet.

Janet Rosier