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Summer Vacation = College Essay Time

The summer before a high school student’s senior year is prime time to get a head start on the college application process. For those who need to take the SAT, Subject Tests or ACT one last time,

Can We Rate Colleges in a Meaningful Way?

The federal government is attempting to create a rating system for colleges. Can we ever really come up with an accurate and helpful rating or ranking system that applies to students across the
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Time to start filling out the forms to apply for need-based financial aid.

Happy New Year! Time to start filling out the forms to apply for need-based financial aid. It is very important to know the deadlines to file for financial aid at the various colleges your child is

Colleges Send Wrong Admissions Decisions

This happens pretty much every year at one college or another. An error is made and students hear that they have been admitted to a college when they have not. At least in this instance involving
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What Number is Enough?

What number of applications will a college consider enough? I am beginning to think there is no number high enough. Early on in my career, I read an article by Jay Mathews, education writer for the
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Early Applications

How early in senior year do some students apply to college? Today is Oct. 1 and I have a student whose application is going in today. She was offered an opportunity to apply without a fee if she
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Test Optional Colleges and Universities

Eastern Connecticut State University has joined the growing list of colleges and universities that have decided to make the submission of standardized tests—the SAT or the ACT— optional for admission.

The Secret “Handshake” Algorithm

by Janet Rosier, IECA Professional Member (CT) According to this article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Steve Ma of San Francisco is selling his service to parents who want to get their child into an Ivy
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Welcome to the New School Year

Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over. Welcome to the new school year. For high school students, this means it is time to think about college. This advice is not just for seniors.
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May 1: Deadline to Accept College Admission Offer

May 1 is the universal “Day of Acceptance”. Today is the day you have to choose which college you plan to attend from the colleges that have accepted your application for admission. You can only