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Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper

More Stress for High School Seniors

Another application season and another glitch bound to make high school seniors more stressed, if that is even possible. The past few years have given college applicants plenty to be concerned

Early Applications

This begins the fifth year of writing my blog “Next Stop: College”. Some things stay the same in college admissions and some things change. In 2010 I wrote about early applications and this has stayed
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The Common Application Goes Live Aug. 1

The Common Application for the Class of 2016 will go online August 1. For those of you new to college admissions, The Common Application is a streamlined way for students to apply to many colleges
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GW Goes Test Optional!

George Washington University in DC is going Test Optional for undergraduate admissions. According to The Washington Post, GW’s reason for the change is that they feared some students were not applying

Summer Vacation = College Essay Time

The summer before a high school student’s senior year is prime time to get a head start on the college application process. For those who need to take the SAT, Subject Tests or ACT one last time,

Can We Rate Colleges in a Meaningful Way?

The federal government is attempting to create a rating system for colleges. Can we ever really come up with an accurate and helpful rating or ranking system that applies to students across the
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Time to start filling out the forms to apply for need-based financial aid.

Happy New Year! Time to start filling out the forms to apply for need-based financial aid. It is very important to know the deadlines to file for financial aid at the various colleges your child is

Colleges Send Wrong Admissions Decisions

This happens pretty much every year at one college or another. An error is made and students hear that they have been admitted to a college when they have not. At least in this instance involving
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What Number is Enough?

What number of applications will a college consider enough? I am beginning to think there is no number high enough. Early on in my career, I read an article by Jay Mathews, education writer for the
Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper

Early Applications

How early in senior year do some students apply to college? Today is Oct. 1 and I have a student whose application is going in today. She was offered an opportunity to apply without a fee if she