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Race and Admissions

Racial preference in admissions is a delicate subject and it has been in the news recently. On Feb. 17 The NY Times “The Choice” blog ran this headline, “Discrimination Investigations End at Princeton and Harvard”. “The Education Department said that the original complaints were received last August, and that both had recently been withdrawn. The […] [Read More]
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College Tour

Last Friday I was in Washington, DC to see some of my students in that area and tour American University. I have toured both Georgetown and George Washington University twice but I had not had the chance to see American. I always tell my students that nothing substitutes for a college visit and that held […] [Read More]

College Reported False SAT Data

I don’t know what was more surprising. To read in Inside Higher Ed that a well respected liberal arts college had reported incorrect SAT data to several rankings entities or to read that Claremont McKenna inflated its scores by 10 or 20 points on the Math and Critical Reading sections.  10 Points? Claremont McKenna is […] [Read More]

Growing Number of Application Essays

I just read an article titled “College essays are getting ridiculous”.  The author goes on to give two college essay prompts that I instantly recognized, having helped some of my students this year decide how to approach them. She chose one question from the University of Maryland and one from the University of Chicago. Chicago […] [Read More]

For-Profit Colleges

I have recently read two interesting new stories that discuss for-profit colleges.  For-profit colleges, also called proprietary colleges, operate like a business. The first article took me by surprise because it discusses Mittt Romney’s praise of a for-profit institution, Full Sail, in Florida.  The New York Times article said, “At a town-hall-style meeting in New […] [Read More]

Early Decision–No Longer Just For The Elite

Early Decision is a system in which high school seniors apply before traditional deadlines, typically in early November, to one and only one college. The answer arrives from the college in mid December.  The decision is binding, and if accepted, the student is required to attend that college and must rescind all applications to other […] [Read More]

Financial Aid- Time to Fill out the Forms

As an Independent Educational Consultant, I help students through the maze that college admissions has become. I assist families with pretty much every part of the process with just a few exceptions. One is need-based Financial Aid. I can give families an overview but I am not an expert in this area and therefore do […] [Read More]

U Conn ranked #30 in Best Value in Public Colleges

I heard on both local television and radio news that Kiplinger has rated the University of Connecticut #30 of their “100 Best Values in Public Colleges 2012” rankings. I searched their site and found this article. Those of you who have read my past blogs are probably familiar with my views on rankings–I am skeptical, […] [Read More]

College Essays

This headline from The Chicago Tribune, “The New College-Admission Essay, Short as a Tweet” and a discussion of this article in the NY Times “The Choice” blog, “Aiming for Brevity: Quirky Application Prompts” discuss some short answers that a few colleges have asked for. As I have talked about in a previous blog (Sept. 14), […] [Read More]

SAT Cheating Scandal

Many of you are probably already aware of the SAT cheating scandal involving students at a high school in Great Neck, NY. When the story broke (Sept. 27), The NY Times ran this article that described how six students from Great Neck North High School paid a current college student to take the SAT for […] [Read More]