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Expect the Unexpected

This fall has certainly given the northeast a run for our money. We had a hurricane that was nicknamed Frankenstorm, as much for its proximity to Halloween as its size and potential for destruction.

Some Early Deadlines Extended

At Janet Rosier’s Educational Resources, Inc. we are without power or internet but happy to have survived Hurricane Sandy without damage. On Friday I strongly suggested to seniors with November 1

Early Applications and Hurricane Sandy

As Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s déjà vu all over again”. November 1 is a big day for college application deadlines.  Many colleges that offer binding Early Decision and some that offer Early Action

Buyer Beware

The rising cost of college and the huge debt that students and their families incur is often in the news.  Sometimes when I see the amount a student has borrowed I wonder why anyone would approve

Finding Your Passion…or Not

A colleague posted the link to this article in the NY Times—about students following their passion—and I almost didn’t read it.  Some words associated with college admissions, and students in general,

Is College Worth It?

This is a topic that simply will not die. I talked about the flurry of articles asking this question in my blog posts of June 14 and June 28 in 2011. It doesn’t surprise me that there are still
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What I Wish I Knew Before Going to College:

This is the time of year when college freshmen are buying dorm supplies and getting ready to go off to their respective campuses. I am reprinting two of my blogs from last year (July 26 and Aug. 2).
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The Common Application is Online

The Common App is online and ready for the graduating class of 2013.  Seniors—to your computers! The Common Application, if you are relatively new to the college application process, was started in
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Buying Essays

I was reading Jay Mathew’s column in the Washington Post the other day.  He is one of my favorite education writers and I am always interested in what he is discussing.  His column was about essays

Merit Aid versus Need Based Aid

This article in the New York Times discusses the rise of merit aid at some colleges.  This is not a new discussion and some folks are against the idea of merit aid and feel that it takes resources