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Major Problems with the Common Application

The Common Application, which has been around since 1975 and now has over 500 colleges as members, underwent a comprehensive overhaul and made its debut on August 1, 2013 as the CA4. Having

Students and Social Media

I, and many others, have been writing about students—both in secondary school and college—and what happens when they share too much on social media.  I wrote here three years ago that what students

College Rankings

It’s the beginning of the new school year and the beginning of the “application season” for the Class of 2014. Right on time, we have the new US News and World Report College Rankings. College

Future Women Engineers

I would never have known how divided girls and boys toys were if I had not had two sons before I had my daughter.  We had plenty of boy toys in the house, although at the time I think I considered

Cheating Really Is Wrong

I read this article in the Washington Post Education section, “Why schools should relax about cheating”.  There is a lot about academic cheating in the news today—from kids paying others to take their

Some Wait-List Figures

The New York Times has a grid that gives the yield rates and the wait list figures for some selective colleges and universities. Good news if you were one of the lucky 67 offered a spot in the

Admissions Limbo: The Wait List:

When students apply for college admission they can be accepted, rejected or offered a spot on a “Wait List”. Students who are offered a place on the wait list can tell the college to keep them on the

Avoid the Senior Slide

I am republishing my blog post of May 17, 2011 as the same advice still rings true:   For high school seniors, it is all but over. According to the calendar, classes may be going on for another