Finally time to get outside

If you are like me you don’t enjoy running in the cold. I stick to the treadmill in the winter, but I wish I could motivate myself to get outdoors more.

I did the Lake Waramaug Polar Bear Run (a 7.6-mile loop around the lake) in New Preston on March 3 and that was about it for my outdoor running. After doing the Sandy Hook 5K in Hartford this past Sunday I thought about how much more it would of helped to have run outside more times.

The only way your body gets accustomed to the cold air is by being in the cold air. And if you hope to do your best in any upcoming races – you need to be outside running.

For many serious runners the treadmill is like poison, but for the rest of us there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t mind running in place.

The best part now is that the weather is finally starting to cooperate with the calendar telling me that it’s Spring. I plan on getting outside running this week and I’m sure you will start to see a lot more runners on the roads and trails this week.

All I can say is it’s about time – especially for somebody like me that hates the cold.

Jason Sonski