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Victoria Secret’s Valentine’s Day Wine?


Ignore the media hype, relax and enjoy Valentine’s Day.  We all have enough things to worry about these days than to have  to start worrying about whether we have bought the right Valentine’s Day card, the right chocolates, or the right bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion.  Just like last year, the wine pundits are offering their advice about the best wine to drink for a romantic celebration of  Valentine’s Day.  One wine writer, in an article aptly titled “Vino For Valentines!”  urges that we run out a buy a bubbly wine for the occasion. However, he cautions that the bubbly had better not be Budweiser. What nonsense!  If you and your significant other are enjoying the view of Long Island Sound at sunset on Valentine’s Day on Todd’s Point in Greenwich (or some equally beautiful coastal redoubt), listening to music in your (hopefully well-heated) car, a Budweiser might be just the quaff to make the moment memorable.  Of course, pouring champagne into wine flutes in the front seat of the car might make for a more elegant celebration. But the bottom line that it is tbrahe spirit of the occasion  that  makes the day special, not what you buy at  the store.  Another wine writer goes one step further. In an article titled “Drink Pink: Ten reasons to reach for rosé (and red) bubbles this Valentine’s Day“, Wine Enthusiast author Kelly Magyarics provides 10 reasons why your Valentine’s Day wine should not only be bubbly, but rosé!   The rose-colored bubbles go with the red roses, is one good reason, among the ten reasons she offers. Another of Kelly’s top ten reasons is that rosé wine is sexy.  A colleague of hers (Jill Zimorski, Beverage Director for José Andrés’ Think Food Group in Washington, DC)  offers,  “It’s like a sports bra versus a lacy push-up; they both achieve the same purpose, but one is definitely sexier than the other”.  According to Jill, the rosé makes for a fuller more voluptuous wine.  Lacy push-up bras and bubby rosé on Valentine’s Day?  I have heard lots of wildly creative ways of describing  wine’s bouquet.  But this is the first lingerie analogy I have found!  What should we expect for next year–“Victoria’s Secret Push-up Pinot Noir”?  Pass me a Bud!

William Ruskin

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