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Before over-indulging at the dining room table over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I should have taken stock of Eric Asimov’s New York Times column, “An Italian Lesson for the Over stuffed”,
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More Than Just A Wine Store

It used to be that a wine store attracted business by having a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, an attractive store in which to shop, and a good selection of reasonably priced wine. Some of the
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What’s On Tap For Wine In 2010

John Mariani, a writer for, provides his ten predictions for wine in 2010, in a piece titled “For Wine in 2010 Expect Price Drops, Screwtops, Thirsty Chinese”.  Among the predictions:
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Buying Wine Over The Internet

I subscribe to  a couple of  internet wine buying sites.  One of my favorites is  The Los Angeles Times published an article in June that described how winestillsoldout and other
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Lacking Transparency In Connecticut State Capitol

Stephen H. Devoto, writing for the Middletown Eye Blog, offers a cognent analysis about the lack of transparency and accountability among our legislators in the State Capitol.  Mr. Devoto, in the
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Politicking Too Close For Comfort

As Greenwich residents went to vote at Riverside Elementary School this morning, they were greeted by political advertisements for Lin Lavery the entire length of the driveway. Standing just outside
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Risks of Teen Driving–One Parent Seeks To Share A Tragic Experience

After the tragic death of his son, Reid, Tim Hollister, a Hartford attorney, launched a blog to provide an educational forum to enhance parent awareness of the risks involved with teen driving. The
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Schools Must Adopt H1N1 Flu Precautions

Whether or not the the present influenza season becomes as severe as some medical experts are forecasting, many colleges and prep schools are adopting prudent health policies, which are worth
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