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Public Policy Agenda For Women and Girls Continues To Move Forward

Connecticut’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) may be gone, but its public policy agenda is alive and well. The Connecticut agency that’s provided research and analysis on issues


Public perceptions to the contrary, all evidence points to the fact that in-person voter fraud is not a problem in U.S. elections. The Republican push for strict state photo ID laws is not designed to


For nearly six years, and until this past Friday, Donald Trump has been promoting the “birther” lie. There’s been no one more associated with pushing the completely unfounded notion that President

Trump Lies About Hillary’s Child Care Plan

Among Trump’s many lies, is his (and Ivanka’s and his surrogates) claim that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a child care plan. Hillary has been concerned with the need to invest in our children – in

State Senate Candidate John Blankley’s Challenge To Senator Scott Frantz

I reproduce here, in its entirety, a press release from John Blankley, Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 36th state senate seat that’s currently held by Scott Frantz. Blankley expresses concern

Hillary Owes No Apology for Deploring The Trump Bigots

It’s true what Hillary Clinton said Friday night (September 8) at a fundraiser at Cipriani on Wall Street. She owes no apology for telling it like it is. A fair proportion of Trump supporters are

Today Is Women’s Equality Day

Today is the 96th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees women the right to vote. Today, on Women’s Equality Day, we celebrate this important milestone in America’s ongoing struggle to

State Senate Race: John Blankley Responds to Scott Frantz Comments

Republicans face an unprecedented challenge in this presidential election. Do they put party loyalty first, or principles before party? That’s the question I posed in my column this past Sunday.