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Like many Greenwich residents, I recently sent an email plea to the RTM members from my district asking them to support the additional appropriation for MISA at Monday night’s budget meeting. Here, reformulated as an open letter to all RTM members, is the email I sent to the RTM members from district 1, which is my district.

My message: please, please vote yes on the MISA appropriation. It’s the responsible thing to do. It’s doing the right thing for our students, our community and our taxpayers.


Dear Members of the Representative Town Meeting,

As a Greenwich resident, Greenwich taxpayer, and one of your constituents, I am asking you – imploring you –  to please vote yes on the additional appropriation for MISA. If the RTM does not approve this appropriation, it will be the end of MISA as conceived since 2007. The current bids will expire, the costs will go up. We will never again have an opportunity to build this facility at this cost.

To now go back to the drawing board and incur additional delays and expenses for an inferior facility is neither fiscally prudent and cost efficient, nor fair to the students, the community and the taxpayer. At best, it’s being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

And we will be throwing the $6 million we’ve already spent on planning, site work and clean up for MISA down the drain. What economic sense does this make when the difference between the appropriation that the RTM overwhelming approved last year and the $9.87 million additional appropriation now requested is really only $5 million.

It was known last year when the RTM appropriated the money that an additional $3.1 million would be needed. And last month the BET tacked on another $1.2 million for contingency.

The scope of the MISA project has not changed since 2007. The increased costs are almost entirely due to the unexpected discovery of soil contamination and the resulting delays.

I elaborate on these arguments in my column in this Sunday’s Greenwich Time. To read the column online, go to:

Please, please vote yes.

Thank you.