A Good Weekend Of Lacrosse With My Family

Sam Stevenson plays during a recent win over Temple.

This past weekend was very exciting for me because not only was it Easter weekend, but my mother and grandparents came down here, my sister Alex came and surprised me, and we had a very good game on Friday against George Washington, in which we won and I scored two goals. I should have had more; I think I had about 10 attemtps, but I’m still happy.

I got to do some shopping with my family, which I really wanted to do, and got myself some new clothes. We went out for a really nice dinner on Friday night and that was really fun.

Then on Sunday we played William & Mary and had a tough 11-10 loss. It was frustrating because that was probably the best game we played as a team. Friday had been the best, but Sunday we stepped it up even more. We were up by a couple of goals for a good portion of the game and to lose by one, it makes you think about all the things that happened, turnovers you would like to take back.

I only had one attempt but I scored on it. In general I held the ball a lot but didn’t take the opportunities like I used to. I have to learn to be more aggressive.

The season is two-thirds of the way over. It feels like it has flown by. Tomorrow we have our Senior Day and my Darien High School team just played its first game yesterday.

I definitely wish we had another shot at the big dogs we played at the beginning of the year, because the way we played this past weekend we could definitely come out with a win against one of them.

I am happy thus far with how I’ve played. I just need to finish my shots and go to the cage a little bit more.

One thing I’ve noticed is right now I don’t have much of a social life. Everything is school and lacrosse. I came here to play lacrosse so this is what I expected and I have no complaints.

Knowing we only have three weeks of school left, I’ve been really focusing on my work and hopefully I’ll end up with good grades.

This summer I know I will be working some camps at Richmond and I’m hoping I am going to be coaching the Chargers club team again if I have the opportunity.

But right now I’m more concerned about our game tomorrow with La Salle and getting a win for our seniors.