Getting Ready For My Roadtrip Home

I am coming home for fall break tomorrow and I am so excited to see my family and friends, who I haven’t seen for about two months now. I’m counting down the hours, though I still have to get through

Looking Forward to Parents’ Weekend

This weekend is parents’ weekend and it has made me think how fast time is flying. It kind of seems like it was just yesterday that my parents were dropping me off here and now they are coming back.

Catching Football Fever

I’m sure you want to hear something about lacrosse, but today I want to first talk about football. Everyone down here is so into football and the games are a really big deal. Richmond won the Division

I’m 18, I Can Vote and I Can Drive an Ice Cream Truck!

The big news this week is I turned 18 on Monday and am now officially an adult. For having my first birthday away from home, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was really nice. I’m

Conditioning Is Really a Gas

We officially started our lacrosse season with our first day of conditioning on Monday. It was as hard as I expected it to be. Maybe harder. Every one of the girls was mentally and physically pushed

Dealing With a Swine Flu Scare

Of all the things I thought I would have to worry about during my first weeks at college, the last was swine flu. Right now there have been 12 cases on campus, and if it gets up to 20 classes are

A Great Eight Days Of New Experiences

I’ve been here at Richmond for eight days now and I’m getting much more comfortable with everything. My new classes, my new friends and my new home. I now know my way around campus, which buildings

Getting Oriented To My New Home

I arrived at Richmond three days ago and I’m still getting adjusted to the new lifestyle here. I don’t have my own car anymore and can’t just do what I want to do, so I have to walk everywhere. My